Searchable Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica
James Tyler Kent

Repertory of James Tyler Kent

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(See also: memory)
(See also: memory)
MIND, MEMORY active: (71)
(See also: ideas)
evening: (2)
midnight, until: (1)
alternating with dullness: (1)
active, alternating
with weak memory: (1)
active, alternating with
lassitude: (1)
suppressing sexual desire, from: (1)
MIND, MEMORY weakness
weakness of: (168)
(See also: mistakes)
business, for: (12)
dates, for: (8)
do, for what was about to: (19)
done, for what has just: (24)
expressing one's self, for: (15)
happened, for what has: (7)
heard, for what has: (13)
labor, for mental: (23)
(See also: stupefaction)
fatigue, from: (11)
letters, for the names of the: (1)
names, for proper: (26)
occurrences of the day: (4)
periodical: (2)
persons, for: (16)
places, for: (3)
read, for what has: (36)
said, for what has: (23)
say, for what is about to: (26)
sudden and periodical: (2)
thought, for what has just: (17)
time, for: (1)
words, for: (32)
write, for what is about to: (7)
written, for what he has: (3)

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