1.Read each symptom carefully.
2.If you are experiencing this symptom, click the toggle switch under the "Experiencing" column to turn it on.
3.The switch will turn green once you've selected the symptom.
4.Select all symptoms that you are experiencing.
5.Once you've finished selecting your symptoms, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
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Hay Fever & Allergies



Headache from seasonal allergies
Vertigo and dizziness
Ears blocked
Itching inside ears
Watering eyes
Dry eyes
Itching eyes
Yellow discharge from eyes
Eyes are red
Eyelids are red
Tears from eyes burn
Frequent sneezing
Violent sneezing
Desire to sneeze but cannot
Nasal symptoms better in open air
Nasal symptoms worse in open air
Nasal obstruction - difficult to breathe through nose
Nasal obstruction - alternating with discharge
Nasal discharge that damages the skin (excoriating)
Nasal discharge - blood streaked
Nasal discharge - yellowish/green
Nasal discharge - watery
Nasal discharge - watery - worse in open air
Burning upper lip
Itching nose
Pain in nose
Voice hoarse
Chest sore from coughing
Tickling cough
Throat burning
Throat irritated
Throat sensistive to slightest touch
Itching in mouth at opening of eustachian tubes
Asthmatic breathing
Face feels hot
Very sensitive to odor of flowers
Limbs feel heavy and tired
Restless or anxious feeling
Restless sleep
Becoming cold aggravates symptoms
Desires salty foods
Better from cold drinks
Better from warm drinks
Worse from cold drinks